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Super Jaimie

Brazilica Festival 2014 - Liverpool

Portela na avenida

Brazilica Festival 2014 - Liverpool

Mangueira Samba enredo 2014

Brazilica Festival 2014 - Liverpool

A hard day's night

Brazilica Festival 2014 - Liverpool

Salve a mocidade

Brazilica Festival 2014 - Liverpool

10th Batucada contest in Paris 2014

Show of Sambatuc for the 10th Batucada contest, at the Cabaret Sauvage 2014.

Coburg 2013 - Zé do Caroço

Coburg samba festival - July 2013 - Schlossplatz
Special guest : Ciganerey da Mangueira

Coburg 2013 - A banda do Zé Pretinho

Coburg samba festival - July 2013 - Schlossplatz
Special guest : Ciganerey da Mangueira

Coburg 2013 - Brasileirinho

Coburg samba festival - July 2013 - Schlossplatz

Coburg 2013 - Stadtcafé

Coburg Festival 2013 - show at Stadtcafe

Sambatuc 2013

Samba Festival Coburg in 2013 with Ciganerey.

Coburg festival 2012

Sambatuc's show on the Schlossplatz in Coburg festival 2012. A huge thank you to Mat Chanon and Selen Kilinc for these amazing images.

Batucada contest 2012

Sambatuc presents their show for the Batucada contest in 2012, at the Cabaret Sauvage.

O samba das flores

In September 2012 the TV channel France 2 contacted us to take part in the programme "La grande Battle" which principle is to play a classical piece of music. We interpreted the "Waltz of the flowers" by Tchaikovski with a touch of samba. Have a look!

Brasileirissima: pre-carnival do brasil

Sambatuc at the Cabaret Sauvage on the 4th of February 2011. Amazing night: Sambatuc plays with Ciganerey, the Puxador da Mangueira, (famous school of samba from Rio de Janeiro)

Batucada contest in 2008

Sambatuc at the Cabaret Sauvage, 22nd of March 2008, Batucada contest

2006 Sambatuc Medley

Casa do Sambatuc at the Cabaret Sauvage in 2006

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